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Kid-Friendly Web Browser Affiliate Program

Kid-Friendly Web Browser Affiliate Program was revamped this week changing the affiliate program from clickbank to one run through Kid-Friendly. Although the affiliate program through clickbank was great , we received a great deal of feedback on changes that needed to occur to make the affiliate program successful. Those changes include:

  • Weekly payout with no minimum to meet
  • 15 day cookie on return
  • 7-day demo version for customers to try first

The Kid-Friendly Web Browser software is available in 9 different languages, so although the affiliate program will initially be U.S. based we will open the affiliate program with better reception. Should that occur, a payment method through Paypal will be set up to assure that currencies outside of USD will be accepted for both purchases and affiliate payment payouts.

We are extremely excited about have the ability to venture out on our own with our affiliate program.  Affiliates will continue to receive a commission of %40 per sale. Affiliate may sell the software both on and offline through their affiliate link.

The affiliate program is  seeking 5,000 affiliates. Join the Kid-Friendly affiliate program today, and receive your first commission sheck as early as 8/31. Click here to join!



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