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Parents or Guardians,

There are several important tips to discuss with your children or loved ones about their internet usage at home or school. Five tips to keep in mind are:


NEVER pass out their personal pictures or information to any person via chat room, instant message, social media, or on bulletin boards online without your authorization. Unfortunately, people of all ages are often too revealing online, however, children are especially susceptible.  It is important to remind your children who may access their info, photos, or personal thoughts / feelings. Discussing personal info, such as mobile phone number or home addresses, personal ideas and feelings, and images may prove hazardous in the long-run.

Refrain from writing to another person who makes him or her feel awkward, frightened, or unpleasant feelings.

Remember, just because someone online says they are a 13-year-old they may not be. Individuals may lie about who they actually are to get kids to let down their guard.  Online predators do not fit any one stereotype; the most seemingly truthful citizens have been caught inviting kids for sexual acts. Contrary to popular belief, most online predators are not pedophiles. Online predators commonly target adolescents who engage in risky online behavior, while pedophiles target pre-pubescent kids.

Urge your children to notify you immediately if they experience anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable or afraid.

Lastly, do not connect, or meet-up with anyone without consent.

Each day a growing number of our children fall prey to pedophilia while they are using the internet. Therefore it is vital to instill the concept of internet safety to them. Kid-Friendly Web Browser works to help parents increase internet safety for their family. Parents have the ability to create a personalized internet experience for their child. The child can design or choose their favorite photo as their home screen. Kid Friendly minimizes the need for parents to stand over their kids while they’re searching the internet. We are determined to assist parents in guarding their children with our safe web browser for kids. A free web browser download is readily available at

Keep your children protected online using Kid-Friendly Web Browser for Kids