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Internet Safety for Kids 8-14

Internet Safety for Kids Age 8-14

This is the age group where kids start to use the internet for homework, games, social networking and general useParents need to be worried about how their kids use the internet because of online predators and cyber-bullying. Kid-Friendly helps parents introduce the internet to their children in a controlled environment. A free trial version is downloadable by clicking on

Online Gaming

The internet offers games online with Xbox, PS3 and the Wii.Playing games online can be a lot of fun for kids. Unfortunately some kids take it to far.

  • Older children and adults play games online
  • Kids and adults leave nasty or degrading emails and voice mails.
  • Microphones allow gamers to talk to each other during game play


Parents should also watch the amount of time spent playing online games. We hear stories from parents how their children spend eight to ten hours a day playing games online.

  • Set time limits on how log they play online
  • Allow extra time if chores or homework is done
  • Turn games off if kids aren’t getting enough exercise

Social Networking

This is the age group were kids start to use websites like Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. While these sites like Facebook and Twitter allow kids to communicate with each other and find new friends they do have serious risks. Parent should review our social networking guide.

  • Profiles can be open to everyone on the internet
  • All information posted online is public domain
  • Inappropriate pictures or comments posted


Kids start using email at this age to communicate with each other. Email is a great way to communicate with each other but here are some risks.

  • All email accounts will get spam
  • Spam can consist of porn, money scams, and hate
  • Kids can send degrading messages to each other
  • Email can be sent to seem like your child sent the email


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